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    6 Sumptuous Gluten-Free Sweets For Any Occasion

    6 Sumptuous Gluten-Free Sweets For Any Occasion

    6 Sumptuous Gluten-Free Sweets For Any Occasion

    ‘Tis (almost) the season to be jolly! As we plan for the festive season, while also preparing to go into a second lockdown, let’s face it, we could all do with a sweet treat. A sweet is more than just a fleeting moment of delectable flavour. The right sweets can make a good moment great. They can make a quiet night-in sparkle, and make movies magical. A snuggle on the sofa without sweets is like a day without sunshine! 

    But for the gluten-intolerant, the right sweets also need to be gluten-free sweets. There’s nothing worse than the bloating, discomfort and irritation that come from finding that what you’ve just eaten was not a gluten-free sweet. But fear not, my sweet-toothed friend. Because we’re here to guide you through the tastiest gluten-free sweets in our range. From familiar childhood classics to intriguing new flavours, we have an astonishing range of gluten-free goodies to tempt your tastebuds without triggering your tummy!

    1.Fizzy Cola Bottles

    Enjoy the taste of your childhood, whatever your age with these tangy, tingly treats from your formative years. Fizzy cola bottles combine the taste of everyone’s favourite fizzy drink with a tongue-teasing sugary coating that makes your mouth come alive with fizz. An essential component of any self-respecting pick n mix. Of course, if you feel like adding a fruity twist to your fizzy cola bottle experience, don’t forget that we also have fizzy cherry cola bottles on our digital shelves. 

    2. Strawbs

    Sweet, smooth, juicy, tasty and oh-so-very moreish, strawbs are a Pick n Mix staple that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for something to snack on for family movie nights, or a refreshing treat to help you power through your afternoon walk, it’s always a good time for the sweet, tangy taste of strawbs! Vegetarian or vegan? Don’t worry! These chewy treats may look and taste like jelly, but they contain no animal products whatsoever. 

    So everyone can enjoy the gluten-free goodness!

    3. Mushrooms

    Make room for the mushrooms! These heavenly soft, chewy and Pick n Mix favourites taste like sweet little clouds. And you don’t need to go foraging for them. Because we have all the mushrooms you could possibly need to add to your Pick n Mix. 

    4. Strawberry Twists

    The heavenly taste of strawberries and cream without gluten or dairy?!? We didn’t believe it either until we tasted these indulgent boiled sweets. Strawberry twists are a great treat to enjoy with the family as you snuggle on the sofa, when you’re out and about, or you can even keep them in your desk drawer at work. These sweets let you enjoy the creamy, fruity, smoothly sublime taste of strawberries and cream wherever you are. No need to wait for Wimbledon!

    5. Pear Drops

    Refreshing, subtly sweet and ever-so-slightly sharp, pear drops are one of our favourite sweets. With a rich and fruity flavour that lasts, they’re a perfect boiled sweet for any occasion, and a familiar childhood classic that many of us remember fondly. 

    6. Milk Bottles

    Got milk? You have now! And these milk bottles don’t even need recycling! These tasty, chewy and delectably dainty bites have the smooth refreshing taste of a vanilla milkshake. But not only are they gluten-free, they’re also dairy-free so they can be enjoyed by the lactose-intolerant as well as those who don’t get along with gluten.

    Which will you add to your bundle?

    There’s something for everyone among our tasty, tempting, gluten-free sweets. Which will you add to your very own Pick n Mix bundle? Our gluten-free selection lets you treat yourself without needing to worry about unpleasant side-effects.

    You can build your own gluten-free Pick n Mix bundle on our website. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating now!