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    8 of the Best Pick & Mix Sweets Suitable for Vegetarians

    8 of the Best Pick & Mix Sweets Suitable for Vegetarians

    8 of the Best Pick & Mix Sweets Suitable for Vegetarians

    Vegetarian sweets can be hard to come by, right? In fact, there’s a whole load of veggie options to choose from when you’re next putting together your Pick & Mix order. From classic favourites that’ll take you back to your childhood, to indulgent chocolate-coated delights, you’re seriously in for a treat.


    If you find that you spend a lot of time researching which sweets you can have as a vegetarian, stop in your tracks and take a look at our handy guide of the top 8 vegetarian pick and mix sweets. And they’re just our top recommended ones — there’s so many more to enjoy! You no longer have to spend heaps of time wondering which of those tasty little pleasures are suitable for vegetarians.

    1. Smarties

    We know this may be a surprise to some of you but Smarties are actually vegetarian sweets...yay! With their crispy and colourful outer shell filled with tasty milk chocolate, these classic sweets have been a favourite in the UK for generations. Whether you prefer them in a small tube or a big bag, vegetarians can indulge in Smarties as much as they’d like.

    2. Rosey Apples

    Sweet and sour to the taste, Rosey Apples are delicious hard-boiled sweets that many of us know and love from our childhoods. Get that sugar-coated tanginess while reminiscing about the big glass jars full of colourful treats at the sweet shop. And, bonus, they’re suitable for vegetarians!

    3. Lemon, Cherry and Apple Bon Bons

    A nostalgic favourite, bon bons pack a fruity, soft sugar-coated punch. From citrus-tangy lemon to sweet cherry and sour apple, enjoy the scrummy chewy treat with the knowledge of them being vegetarian. The taste sensation will take you back to the days of paper bags filled with sweets, with that dusty sugar lining the inside and your hands every time you reached in for more.

    4. Yoghurt Coated Raisins

    Little nuggets of joy, yoghurt coated raisins are totally moreish, totally scrummy, and (of course) totally vegetarian. Blending sweet and savoury together perfectly, these tiny soft raisins wrapped in yoghurt are melt-in-the-mouth goodness. Perfect for an on-the-go snack, a mid-afternoon sugar hit, or accompanied by a hot drink. Delicious.

    5. Milk Chocolate Honeycomb

    What could be better than light, airy, buttery honeycomb encased in a blanket of luscious, succulent chocolate? The mix of the smooth milk chocolate and the crunch of the honeycomb will be sure to leave you going back for more. And especially as they’re suitable for vegetarians…what a winner! These little delights are always an indulgent surprise in your Pick & Mix selection.

    6. Mermaids

    Pretty to look at and mouth-wateringly tasty, mermaids are blue and red juicy gummies. Little ones will be sure to love the mermaid-shape of these little vegetarian sweets, and we’re sure they’ll love the taste of them too! Maybe you’re throwing a mermaid-themed party, or know someone obsessed with all things mermaid, or maybe you just want a little sweet treat. Whatever the reason, they’re a sure-fire champ in the sweet department.

    7. Strawbs

    Another classic, strawbs will always be one of the favourite go-to sweets of choice. They’re one of those sweets that will always end up in your Pick & Mix bag, am I right? That juicy, strawberry taste explosion, and the satisfyingly soft chew is hard to beat. And to know those little red and green gooey gummies are vegetarian too – even better.

    8. Flying Saucers

    These UFO-shaped, colourful Flying Saucers are a well-loved sweet treat, and they’re classed as the UK’s favourite sweet. From the dissolve-on-the-tongue outer shell to the zingy sherbet on the inside, they’re a true hit with vegetarians! Super cool for kids’ party bags, or a perfect pick-me-up treat if you’re in need of something sweet.

    If you like our tips and choice of sweets suitable for vegetarians, be sure to check out our selection of vegan sweets too. There’s a whole range you can choose from, including even more than what we’ve listed out above.

    If you’re chomping at the bit to get your hands on some of these delicious treats, take a look at our vegetarian sweet bundle, or put together your own mix and get it delivered straight to your door. No fuss, no frills, and you get the vegetarian sweets you know and love.

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