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    Top 15 Themed Baby Shower Sweets

    Top 15 Themed Baby Shower Sweets

     Top 15 Themed Baby Shower Sweets

    Hosting a baby shower? How exciting! Baby showers are the perfect way to honour and celebrate the mum-to-be bringing a little one into the world. With games, presents and friends and family around it’s always great fun! 

    And, the best part is, it’s a great excuse to serve some delicious sweet treats. Whether the mum-to-be is having a girl, a boy, or leaving it as a surprise, we’ve created a list of the best 15 baby shower sweets for every theme.

    Baby Shower Sweets for Girls

    If you already know the baby will be a sweet little girl, we have a wide range of pink sweets to celebrate with. Here are some of our favourite pink sweets for baby showers:

    Pink and White Mice

    Pink and White Mice

    Pink and White Mice are a cute and classic treat that’s perfect for expecting mother’s craving chocolate. These strawberry and cream chocolate flavoured mice are a childhood favourite for many and are sure to bring back some fond memories. 

    Cherry Bon Bons

    Cherry Bon Bons

    You can’t go wrong with a Bon Bon! We’re certain everyone will thoroughly enjoy these delicious Cherry Bon Bon’s. With their vibrant pink colour and fruity, fizzy flavour these sweets are super moreish. They’ll look great served on a sweet table at a baby shower for girls. 

    Pear Drops

    Pear Drops

    Who could possibly resist the fruity flavours of the beloved Pear Drop? Definitely not us! These tasty, pink and yellow hard-boiled sweets always go down well with guests and are perfect if you’re looking for a light, refreshing treat. Plus, they look great too!

    Jelly Unicorns


    Bring a bit of childish fun to the baby shower with these yummy Jelly Unicorns. These sweets are super cute and entertaining with their unique shape, fruity flavour and pastel colours. Perfect for welcoming an adorable baby girl!


    We’ve all pretended to be a mystical mermaid at some point in our lives, you’re lying if you say you didn’t. 😜 So these delicious Mermaid sweets are a great throwback and a lot of fun for parties with their blue and red colour, gummy texture and pretty mermaid shape!

    Baby Shower Sweets for Boys

    Expecting a bouncing baby boy? Then you’ll want a bundle of some classic blue sweets for the baby shower! 

    Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

    Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

    We had Cherry Bon Bon’s for girls so it’s only right to include bright blue Raspberry Bon Bon’s for boys. Bon Bon’s are such a classic sweet that has remained incredibly popular for years and we’re 100% confident everyone will enjoy them.

    Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

    Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

    Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles are a must-have sweet for any party, especially a baby shower for a boy with their pretty blue colouring and sweet and sour flavour. These sweets are seriously addicting and everyone will be coming back for more so make sure you really stock up!

    Rainbow Pencil Bites

    Rainbow Pencil Bites

    How fun do these Rainbow Pencil Bites look?! Their super bright colours are sure to catch everyone’s eye. With a gummy texture, fresh, fruit flavour and a surprise creamy twist, they’re always a huge hit at parties!

    Giant Blue Raspberry Rockets

    One way to really impress guests is having these Giant Blue Raspberry Rockets at a baby shower for boys. No one can miss these huge bright blue, fizzy sweets! They’re a classic sweet that has been popular for many years and should definitely be included in your party sweet selection.

    Blue Raspberry Wheels

    Fun to look at and even more fun to eat, Blue Raspberry Wheels are a fruity delight that guests can enjoy unravelling inch by inch! Perfect for boy baby showers, these vibrant wheels of goodness are a real treat for your guests. We bet you can come up with some fun games to play with them too!

    Neutral Baby Shower Sweet

    If the expecting mother is keeping the gender of the baby a tight-lipped secret or doesn’t want to stick to the traditional pink and blue theme for their child, then going for neutral, multi-coloured sweets will do the trick!

    Jelly Beans

    jelly beans


    With a multitude of fun colours to choose from, Jelly Beans will certainly brighten up a baby shower! With their instantly recognisable shape, people will happily dive in and grab a handful of these amazingly fruity sweets.

    Flying Saucers

    We all remember indulging on a few Flying Saucers when we were younger. With their pretty pastel colours and fizzy, sherbet filling it’s no wonder why they’re so popular. Bring a hint of nostalgia back to the baby shower with some neutral, multi-coloured Flying Saucers.

    Gummy Bears

    Don’t forget to include everyone’s favourite gummy sweet, the classic Gummy Bear! The bright colours and sweet, fruity flavour of Gummy Bears make them a winning choice at every party and baby shower event. 

    Candy Watch

    Colourful, retro and sugary sweet, Candy Watches are a real throwback treat that will surprise and delight your baby shower guests! Whether they wear them to snack on later, or eat them instantly, you can be sure people will enjoy nibbling on these watches. 

    Dolly Mixture

    For the perfect, all-rounder sweet, Dolly Mixture is what you need! With a mix of flavours and textures, from gummy and fizzy to foamy, there’s something everyone will enjoy here. And they’ll add a pretty mix of colour to your sweets table too.

    Want to give your guests some fun party favours to make the baby shower even more special? Learn how to make your own sweet cones.

    Got some guests with dietary requirements? Check out our list of gluten-free sweets and find out which sweets are suitable for vegetarians.