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    Become a Vegan Sweet Taster for Pick N Mix London!

    Become a Vegan Sweet Taster for Pick N Mix London!

    Become a Vegan Sweet Taster for Pick N Mix London!




    Want to earn some extra income by eating delicious vegan sweets? Yes, it really is as good as it sounds. At Pick N Mix London we’re making that dream possible for three lucky people as we’re on the hunt for vegan sweet testers!

    2020 was a big year for vegans in the UK and it looks as though 2021 is going to be even bigger! With 7.2 million British adults following a meat-free diet and a record-breaking half a million Brits signing up to Veganuary this year, supermarkets and food delivery services are seeing an increased demand for vegan options. At Pick N Mix London, our own vegan sweet category has seen a +350% growth in sales since last September.

    The vegan market is very important to us, which is why we’ve always made sure to offer delicious sweets on our website that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as those following a gluten-free and dairy-free diet too so no one has to miss out! 

    What we’re offering

    Vegan Bundle
    If successful, as a Pick N Mix London vegan sweet taster, we’ll send out a vegan sweet bundle worth £40 for you to try and enjoy! We’ll also pay you £50 to write up your review of the sweets with any helpful suggestions and recommendations. We’re always looking to improve our vegan range so are always open to hearing your feedback. 

    Who we’re looking for

    We’re looking for those who are passionate about being vegan and can dedicate the time to writing a thoughtful and constructive review of our sweets. It also helps if you have a sweet tooth! 

    What type of vegan sweets you can expect


     Vegan Sweets

    Wondering what type of sweets you can expect in your bundles? Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’ll actually like what’s inside before applying! At Pick N Mix, we have a wide range of vegan sweets, some of our favourites include:

    • Love Hearts - with their pretty pastel colours and sweet, fruity flavour, Love Hearts are free from gelatine and artificial colours.
    • Flying Saucers - with the outer shell made from rice paper that melts in your mouth and filled with tangy sherbet that’s free from any animal product, these are always a hit.
    • Lemon, Cherry and Blue Raspberry Bon Bons - vibrant, sweet and sour Bon Bons are free from gluten and gelatine making them suitable for vegans.
    • Fizzy Cola Bottles - the classic Fizzy Cola Bottles are tangy and sweet and remincisnet of everyone’s childhood. They might feel and taste like jelly but they’re made from glucose syrup rather than gelatine making them entirely vegan.
    • Strawbs - bursting with flavour, Strawbs are a delightful treat that are completely free of any animal-based gelatine!
    • Fizzy Teddy Bears - with a tangy exterior and a fruity flavour, Fizzy Teddy Bears are cute as a button and tasty too, even more so knowing that they’re 100% plant-based.

      Sounds a dream? Register your interest here:

      Please read the full terms and conditions, here, before applying. 


      You can find out more about these sweets by having a read of our 6 tasty vegan sweets to try for Veganaury, or learning which sweets actually turned out to be accidentally vegan.