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    What Pick N Mix Sweets are Accidentally Vegan?

    What Pick N Mix Sweets are Accidentally Vegan?

    What Pick N Mix Sweets are Accidentally Vegan?

    Sweets are a wonderful little treat that everyone should be able to enjoy, including those who are mindful of what they eat. Finding sweets that are vegetarian and vegan friendly can be tricky as many contain gelatine or other animal products. But, there are loads of Pick N Mix sweets out there that turned out to be accidentally 100% vegan and we’re here to tell you which ones are suitable!

    1. Flying Saucers

    Everyone’s childhood favourite, Flying Saucers are completely accidentally vegan friendly! Their flying saucer-shaped outer shell is made from rice paper which melts in your mouth instantly and they’re filled with tangy sherbert. They’re also naturally coloured so you can enjoy these bright, fun and tasty treats without having to worry!

    2. Pink and White Mice

    Pink and White Mice are iconic sweets that have been around for decades. They’re cute, fun, great for parties and obviously super tasty, but not many people realise that they’re actually vegan too which makes them even better! With a mix of strawberry and cream flavoured chocolate, these sweets are perfect for the chocoholics looking for a quick fix. 

    3. Fruit Salads

    The sweet and fruity Fruit Salad sweets are a staple in many shops across the UK and have been part of our lives for generations. The deliciously chewy raspberry and pineapple flavoured sweets are still hugely popular today. And, as they’re suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, we predict they’ll be sticking around for even longer!

    4. Black Jacks

    We’re sure you’re pleased to see Black Jacks on our list of vegan-friendly sweets! The classic, black liquorice flavoured sweet is one of the most well-known sweets around and pairs perfectly with Fruit Salads. Free from any artificial colours and flavours, Black Jacks are perfect for when you're craving something chewy. 

    5. Happy Cherries

    Juicy, fizzy and incredibly popular, Happy Cherries are a jelly style sweet that’s mouth-wateringly good and very moreish. They’ll easily fulfil any sour cravings you have! Styled as two adjoining

    cherries, these red and green sweets are loved by many, including vegetarians and vegans, and can almost always be found in someone’s pick n mix bag.

    6. Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

    Who doesn’t love a Blue Raspberry Bon Bon...or two...or three? They’ve always been a firm favourite with their vibrant blue colour and distinct sweet but sour flavour. And, as they’re accidentally vegan, being both gluten and gelatin free, you can add them to your list of guilt-free treats or, gift them to a vegan friend who will no doubt be delighted!

    7. Love Hearts

    Everyone has fond memories of the classic Love Heart sweets, with their cute and occasionally cheeky messages, pretty pastel colours and sweet, fruity flavour they’re always a huge hit. And now vegans don’t have to miss out on the fun either, as they’re 100% free from any animal product.


    Want to treat yourself or a friend to some vegan sweets? Check out our Vegan Selection Sweet Bundle where we’ll choose a selection of our most popular vegan sweets just for you!